Vintage Art Deco Scenes from Miami Beach

Miami Beach was incorporated in 1915 after John Collins and his partners had spent some time in the area developing land for crops. As Collins and friends worked the land […]

Highway 61 – Bob Dylan Way, Duluth

“Highway 61, the main thoroughfare of country blues…begins about where I began.” – from his memoir, Chronicles, Vol 1 – by Bob Dylan Bob Dylan was born Robert Zimmerman at […]


Back in the day, heading out on the open seemed to be an exercise in possibilities. By many accounts it was an entertaining yet humbling experience that inspired, energized and […]

The Long Long Trailer

Amazon | TCM | IMDb Oh how I love Lucy. And Desi. It is entirely possible that my love for the mid-century life that’s abundant on Faded Highways was born […]

Novelty Roadside Architecture

Tail o’ the Pup, Los Angeles. Built in 1946. Demolished in 2000s. Novelty architecture, programmatic architecture, mimetic architecture – they’re all names used to describe buildings that were designed and […]

It Happened One Night

Clark Gable and Claudette Colbert It Happened One Night Directed by Frank Capra 1934, Columbia Pictures Amazon | TCM It Happened One Night is at the top of my list […]

Revisiting Howard Johnson’s

I never had ANY problem spotting one of those orange roofs from the back seat of that huge mega-Mercury sedan our family took road trips in. As a little girl, […]

Book Review – John Baeder’s Road Well Taken

John Baeder’s Road Well Taken by Jay Williams Copyright 2015, Vendome Press, New York 978-0865653191 272 Pages Amazon | Indiebound “Baeder was concerned with “the humanistic implications of roadside architecture.” […]

Recommended By Duncan Hines

  “Duncan Hines, the cake mix guy?” That’s usually the reaction I get when someone sees one of my postcards that proclaims that a restaurant or motel is “Recommended by […]

A Brief History of U.S. 666

Route of Highway 666 It all begins with U.S. Highway 60. In October of 1925, the American Association of State Highway Officials (AASHO) assigned the number 60 to the new […]